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IdemSOFT Web Mirror

Manages and spread your business in one place

The web as a software

We want to introduce our Web Mirror not as a simple web, but from a closer viewing software:

  • Regular updates with new features and services.
  • Attention and review suggestions for improving Web Mirror with new versions.
  • Optimization periodic changes in political positioning in search engines.

Works at 1 single place

With Web mirror will work and will keep your website updated software in one place: your management software IdemSOFT. Forget the burdensome job of keeping the stock on your website, our 2 products are integrated and exchange data automatically, so that with no effort orders, stock, products, etc. always be the same in either place.

All web functionality

With Web mirror you will not lose any functionality of any other website. You will have an attractive and adaptable design (Responsive) contact forms, corporate information and services specific to their sector (Shopping cart, online booking, etc).

Evolving web

Mirror web of static IdemSOFT is not kept through time, in functionality such as a standard web, periodic updates will add new features and enhancements in all aspects of your website (SEO, eCommerce, eMarketing, etc).

Tell us your needs and ideas

We care about your ideas, suggestions and needs.
We analyze your requests and find the best solution for your business idea moves from the best way to your website.
You will have an attentive and close treatment.

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