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Manages and spread your business in one place

Possibility "no monthly fees" web business online. Pay only if you sell.

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our website for ecommerce, that we give you the option of not paying monthly fees (housing / hosting).
You just have to pay a percentage (from 3%) of what you sell.
This way you can have your own online store and only pay if you sell something.
Call us and we will inform (+34) 963 455 103.

Web for online commerce

Web Mirror has designed and created especially for eCommerce version.
Web Mirror eCommerce stands for an attractive and clean design, responsive (adaptable to tablet, smartphone and PC) and allow the purchase and use any of them.
Navigation, centered on any type of user (advanced, inexperienced) find Intuitive and easy navigation through its product , add to cart and avoiding mistakes when paying.

Web for individual customers and Professionals

ECommerce Web Mirror is prepared to fulfill the needs of all types of customers, whether for individual customers or professional. Different ways to add products to cart, separate rates for private and professional whenever your business requires and shopping cart ready for the distinction between private and professional users.

Effective purchase process

Web mirror for commerce is optimized for the greater effectiveness of customer visits to this, we use a clear way to explore your product catalog, choose between different versions and add it to the basket.
Our team keeps an ongoing process of analysis on the websites of our clients, using external tools designed for this purpose (Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools of and Bing) in addition to the own for run corrections and improvements in its sales process over time.

Registration Web orders management program

Our integration system ensures that all orders are properly treated in our web, generating a pdf order for your client and you and register it in commercial management IdemGES with header and lines fully completed.

Full control over shipping process

You will control from management program IdemSOFT whole process of sending the order, the definition of transport costs and the email notification when perform the shipment of goods.
In some sectors, including the possibilities of shipping will find really useful, the ability to define stores for customers to collect orders.
Finally, your customers will review the information and status of their order (In process, processed, shipped) from your Web Mirror and the ability to cancel without obligation if it has not been transacted.

Stock always updated

Would you like to avoid inconsistent stock between actual stock and the stock of your website? With Web Mirror is possible and easy: your Web Mirror always keeps up his stock in the cloud either from orders in the website as purchases made by you from your software business management IdemSOFT .

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