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Traveller Programme Management Report (SPAIN). Integrated generation and shipping Traveller report

gestion partes


Traveler report (Spain)

  • Automatic Generation of the traveler´s report for the D.G. Policía, Guardia Civil, Mossos and Ertzaintza
  • D.G. Policía, Guardia Civil y Mossos: Sent automatically without the user access to their website. You can even select how many minutes wants for automatically verify and send the reports.
  • Printing of the official traveler´s report in the selected language.
  • Printing of the traveler´s registration sheet: according to the new spanish law, this sheet must be signed by the travelers.
  • Should I print the traveler report ? .

    The parts will be printed by making book-records of between 100 and 500 pages, which will be available to the State Security Forces. Even if it is carried out through external software and / or it is archived electronically, the physical book must be compiled according to the current legislation and until a new update of the same that is currently in draft. The establishments must keep the registration books for a period of 3 years. ( Según FAQs Guardia Civil Ley PDF )

entrada parte viajero

Easy to use

Build the part of traveler from a single screen

- Data traveler
- Prints, according official format (Optional)
- Automatic sending (National Police, Guardia Civil and Mossos)
- Record Book parts (Auto)


Languages available (online):

  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Català
  • Valencià

Standalone / Network system

Developed with the possibility of working with one computer (Standalone)
or from different computers simultaneously ( Client/Server )
and control user access ( Client/Server).


Not included in IdemPARTES.

All the modules are hired aside. Consult with our commercial department for prices.

Module: OCR identity documents

  • This module let you get traveler information, from any authorized identity document.
    Also photo, signature & copy of document. (Identity document, Passport, driving licence, residence licence, ...)
  • You can do it with your scanner or we can supply a fi-65F scanner Fujistsu, which is optimized for this work (3 sec. for scan+OCR per side).

Module: Agenda/Alarms

  • Integrated agenda/alarms. Each user has his own agenda and can comunicate between them..
  • Telephone Agenda. You can input your contacts information


Select the download format manual.



Backups "in situ"

Automatic backup to your local.
Decide how many sets for backups to keep.

Backups "in the cloud"

Automatic backup in the cloud.
Consider automatically save your data in the cloud, for maximum security.
Ask for prices.

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Minimum requirements

Windows © Microsoft 64 bits

Supported systems: Windows 7, 8, 10

Hardware: Intel © Core 2 Duo or above
(AMD equivalent)
RAM: 4GB recomended 8GB

Macintosh - MacOS X Copyright © Apple Inc.

Supported systems: El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave
New Catalina

Hardware: Intel © Core 2 Duo or above
RAM: 4GB recomended 8GB