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colores rejilla


  • On grid. Different colors for different situations of a reservation:: Vacant, Pre-Booking, Confirmed, Occupied, Invoiced, Charged, Inactive.
  • Outstanding special dates.
  • Multi-tariff, price periods or seasons in rooms.
  • Late check out - Early check in.
  • Control of "non grata" clients (defaulters).
  • Assigning multiple clients to one reservation.
  • Advances on account.
  • Automatic Control of booking services.
  • Groups Control.
  • Occupation Graphics.
  • Room changes from the grid (Drag & Drop) or the reservation itself.
  • Printing / E_Mail Advances on account, Booking Confirmation ...
  • Taxes stays. (Cataluña)
  • Historical online customers.Control customer "non grata" (Slowpayer).
  • Modify bookings with drag and drop.
  • ...

Traveler report (Spain]

  • Automatic Generation of the traveler´s report for the D.G. Policía, Guardia Civil, Mossos and Ertzaintza
  • D.G. Policía, Guardia Civil y Mossos: Sent automatically without the user access to their website. You can even select how many minutes wants for automatically verify and send the reports.
  • Changes in Traveler report R.D. 9332021 of 10/27/2021 - In force from 05/01/2022 See R.D.9332021
  • From 01 May 2022 Obligation to save the new data according to decree.

    From January 2023 obligation to send them to the police.

  • Printing of the official traveler´s report in the selected language.
  • Printing of the traveler´s registration sheet: according to the new spanish law, this sheet must be signed by the travelers.
  • Should I print the traveler report ? .

    The parts will be printed by making book-records of between 100 and 500 pages, which will be available to the State Security Forces. Even if it is carried out through external software and / or it is archived electronically, the physical book must be compiled according to the current legislation and until a new update of the same that is currently in draft. The establishments must keep the registration books for a period of 3 years. ( Según FAQs Guardia Civil Ley PDF )


Languages available (online):

  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Català
  • Valencià

Lista Espera

Waiting list and pre-booking

Link from the waiting list to bookings. Send email for budgets ... from here. Create a booking in case of confirmation, just with a clic.

I.N.E. Statistics (Spain)

  • You won't spend hours working on the I.N.E. statistics. IdemHOTEL will help this laborious work.
  • NEW - New module I.N.E. sending statistics in XML file. See modules


System access control, which allows you to define who can access each process.



  • One-click booking invoicing.
  • One-click multi-room billing. Select the rooms to be billed grouped in the reservation grid.
  • Invoices different series and proformas.
  • Sending invoice by e_mail (pdf) with one click from the application itself.

Click on the video you want to watch below.


  • Chief of services, daily listing of rooms, people, children, cots, linen change,..
  • Dining room, ...
  • Invoices, Advances on account, ...
  • Revenue forecast between selected dates.
  • ...


You must request a separate contract in IdemHOTEL.

All the modules related here are acquired separately. Consult with our commercial department for prices.

Estadísticas I.N.E.

Module: I.N.E.

  • NEW - New module I.N.E. sending statistics in XML file.
  • You won't spend hours working on the I.N.E. statistics. IdemHOTEL will do for you.
  • Currently for the survey of Ocupación en Alojamientos Turísticos (Establecimientos Hoteleros)

Module: OCR identity documents

  • This module let you get traveler information, from any authorized identity document.
    Also photo, signature & copy of document (Identity document, Passport, driving licence, residence licence, ...).

  • You can do it with your scanner or we can supply a fi-65F scanner Fujistsu, which is optimized for this work (3 sec. for scan+OCR per side).

  • New Or with a Fujitsu Fi-800R scanner (IdemHOTEL Optimized). Reading in a single pass (two-sided) of identification documents.

  • Possibility of sending via Mobile and / or Tablet.

Click on the image to see the video.

Module: Quotas (Agencies)

  • Monitor the rooms assigned to Agencies.
  • You will show in IdemHOTEL's grid, the commitments you have with the agencies to help you avoid Over-Booking

Daily Labor Day Registration

Module: Daily Registry of Labor Day

  • NEW - New module Daily Registry of Labor Day.
  • It will allow you to keep individual control for each worker of the hours worked, thus fulfilling the obligation established in articles 12.5 h) and 35.5 of the spanish workers' statute
  • Signing system from IdemHOTEL without other hardware.

Module: TPV Bar/Restaurant

Integrated POS for Bar and Restaurant. You can assign ticket to a booking as a service for subsequent charge in the room. See screen example

  Product stock control.

  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Transfers between warehouses
  • Warehouse inventory.
  • Logs of all product movements

Module: TPV link Other program

Integrates these POS systems in IdemHOTEL automatically.
When you select the room charge from one of these programs, IdemHOTEL save it as TPV pendant charging service in booking's room indicated in the POS program.

  • BDP
  • Maître

Module: WEB - Bookings "on line"

With IdemHOTEL experience, we have developed a site (Adaptable - Responsive) specific for the hotel including reservations "on line".

- In the grid is shown with a 'W' the WEB reservations. And in a separate window, a list with all the reservations entered from the WEB and that we have not reviewed.

See WEB example responsive

- Automatic introduction in IdemHOTEL, of the reservations made through "Online Booking" on the WEB.
- Automatic link of availability from IdemHOTEL to your web page.

Do not spend time maintaining the availability on your website.
IdemHOTEL will do it automatically for you.

- QR Code for Menu, Drinks Menu and Others (Like hotel rules, ...)
With these QR codes, your customers will access this information from any mobile.

- Receive incoming messages of new reservations on your mobile.

Enlace con Channel Manager


With this module you will have updated all the contracted channels (Booking, Expedia, HRS, ...), both availability and prices.

  • Reservations that arrive from the channels will be automatically imported into IdemHOTEL
  • Receive incoming messages of new reservations on your mobile.
  • Virtual Booking cards, available in the booking itself. An alarm will be created for the day after the booking starts, to remind you that it is available for payment.
  • The bookings will appear on the grid with 'Ch' on it.



- With this module you control the heating on / off.


  • Ignition according to the ignition cycles defined by days of the week and hours.
  • On / Off for a specified time, defined by the user (HH: MM), until a new cycle.
  • Shutdown until further notice.
  • Shutdown until next defined power cycle.
  • General On / Off.

  • plc_calefaccion

    Unattended Kiosk Link

    Module: Unattended Kiosk

    • Fully automatic link, so that IdemHOTEL controls the availability of the establishment, linking with an unattended kiosk system that manages the payment and issues the traditional key or electronic card.
    • New - Receive incoming messages of new reservations on your mobile.

    Module: Mailing

    Allows you to make mass mailings through emails, in a simple and personalized way.

    Module: Inventory

    Log furniture, bath rooms, ...

    Module: SMS integrated into IdemHOTEL

    • Send SMS on a specific date and time.
    • Send SMS messages the moment.
    • Uses: Confirm bookings, ...

    Module: Agenda/Alarms

    • Integrated agenda/alarms. Each user has his own agenda and can comunicate between them..
    • Telephone Agenda. You can input your contacts information

    Llaves electrónicas hotel

    Module: Electronic keys

    • Integrated Inhova system.
    • Integrated Onity system.
    • Integrated Omnitec system.


    Link with accounting system (IdemConta)

    Standalone / Network system


    Developed with the possibility of working with one computer (Standalone)
    or from different computers simultaneously ( Client/Server )
    and control user access ( Client/Server).


    Select the download format manual.

    Manual HTML HTML Manual PDF PDF


    Backups "in situ"

    Automatic backup to your local.
    Decide how many sets for backups to keep.

    Backups "in the cloud"

    Automatic backup in the cloud.
    Consider automatically save your data in the cloud, for maximum security.
    Ask for prices.

    Try it for FREE!

    Try it - FREE!

    Download IdemHOTEL for FREE and try it with all the features for a while.
    If you want to try the OCR Module and / or WEB, once downloaded, contact our commercial department.

    free download Go to Download page.

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    RAM: 4GB recomended 8GB
    Hard disk: recomended SSD

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