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At IdemSOFT we offer integrated solutions and web management for your business. Developped by professionals committed to achieving effectiveness and efficiency in your management processes.

We constantly looking for being up to date in continuous technological advances so that your business is always the best alternative to optimizing yours resources.

At IdemSOFT you will find a professional and close relationship, targeting your business does not stop. Developed products, so that your day to day easier while safe. And as editors programs, we can offer the possibility to adapt to your business. We have staff with more than 20 years of experience in the analysis of company management in different sectors.

► Our programs are tailored to your needs ◄

IdemHOTEL - PMS+ERP+WEB+Channel Manager 'Hospitality sector' Download Trial

Full Management for Hospitality (Hotels, Apartments, Rural House, ... )
Includes generating and sending the Party Traveler. Module TPV bar / restaurant integrated.
We also have a responsive website specific to the sector. Automatic link availability/booking with WEB and Channel manager.

IdemGES - ' ERP & Shop Online ' Download Trial

Complete business management to your business (ERP), customizable. Includes integrated accounting. TPV module stores. Shop Module "On-Line" integrated (eCommerce).

IdemJURIS - Law Professionals Download Trial

Management Program for Law Professionals and document database

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